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Hi! My name is Leana and I am the owner and founder of Making Time to Heal. 

For over a decade I battled disabling health issues and chronic pain. The worst part of it all was that I didn’t have any answers. My test results came back normal and I was made to feel like I was crazy. Sadly, every day was filled with fear as I was quickly losing hope of ever feeling good again. 

It wasn’t until I met with a holistic doctor whose main focus was on nutrition and how they play a major role in illness and disease, that my life finally changed. I was tested for food intolerances and the list was shocking. All of my favorite things were crossed off. I remember thinking, “what am I supposed to eat?”. I felt completely overwhelmed but knew I had to give it a try. Within a few weeks the symptoms I had struggled with for so long started to improve. My energy was coming back, the chronic issues were getting better and I was starting to feel like myself again. Over time my episodes of acute pain had finally stopped. Food was my medicine! 

I have witnessed first hand how important it is to support your body with nutrient-dense, organic, whole foods and how crucial it is to be tested for food sensitivities. I want to help people as they begin their own healing journey and support them as they transition into their new lifestyle. I know how hard it is, but together we can do it.
Let’s make the time to heal. 

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Are you dealing with health issues and don’t have the energy or time to cook nourishing meals? Let me help. My focus is to create meals that taste delicious and provide maximum nutritional benefit based on your dietary needs. All meals are prepared in your kitchen.


  • Are you trying to make something specific but are having trouble finding a recipe that works with your dietary restrictions?

  • Can't quite figure out how to make your favorite meals in a way that is nutrient-dense and tasty?

  • Do you feel like you're eating the same things over and over and need some variety?

Let me create recipes tailored to your specific needs.

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You’ve just begun your journey to healing but you don’t know where to begin. Organic, whole foods are the foundation to your success. I will come in and help you clean out your cupboards, pantry, and refrigerator. I'll show you what to get rid of and what to replace it with. During this process, I will fill your kitchen with the ingredients that will best support your new diet plan.


Did you just recently have food testing done and don't know what to do next? Let me help you focus on all the things you CAN eat instead of what you can't. Transitional coaching helps you navigate your new diet plan. I will teach you how to read labels, come up with a meal plan, food prep, and give you the best replacements for your favorite foods and more.

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Thank you for browsing the website of Making Time to Heal. For more inquiries, or if you would simply like to chat, please feel free to reach out today.

Newton, MA 02458


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New Growth

"Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners."

William Shakespeare

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